A simple way to installing a ceiling fan in an apartment

A ceiling fan can be a great addition to an apartment. It’s typically much cheaper than air conditioning for the summer months, and it also helps circulate the cool air that does come in during winter. Installing a ceiling fan is not difficult but you will need to have some basic tools on hand, as well as knowledge of how to use them.

Installing a ceiling fan in an apartment can be very easy, depending on the type of ceiling you have. There are two ways that I will go over installing a ceiling fan in an apartment, one being through your existing light fixture and the other being by hanging it from your actual roof. If you want to install it using your existing light fixture, all you need is a few tools to get started. You should also check with your landlord if they allow for this kind of installation before doing so yourself.

Some landlords will charge an additional fee for this. For those of us who rent an apartment, we don’t necessarily have control over what kind of ceiling we have. If it looks like a normal ceiling that you are used to seeing in most homes then there are many different ways that you can install a fan into your existing light fixture. but here we will discuss A simple way of installing a ceiling fan in an apartment into your existing light fixture.

installing a ceiling fan in an apartment


So you will need to have some basic tools(ladder, a screwdriver, drill, and wire nuts  wire stripper or pliers) on hand, as well as knowledge of how to use them. You will also need a little bit of time and energy to get the job done. If you feel that this task would be overwhelming for you, then consider calling in a professional to do the job.

Is Installing a ceiling fan in an apartment easy?

The answer is YES, That’s very easy and simple, but there are many ways of installing a ceiling fan an apartment but here we will discuss a very simple way through your existing light fixture by following the few steps below:

Is Your Fixture Wired For A Ceiling Fan?

The first thing that you will need to do is determine if your light fixture is wired for a ceiling fan or not.

The black wire is called a “hot” and this is the wire that will provide power to the device. The white wire is neutral, which means they complete the circuit by providing power together. The ground wire is green which provides an additional safety feature, and blue wire is for light.

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Unscrew Old Light Fixture

Once you have determined that the fixture is wired for a ceiling fan, it’s time to disconnect the existing light fixture. Remove each bulb, including any floor lamps or other fixtures from the same switch as your ceiling fan. Now you will need to remove all of the screws on both sides of the light fixture. But before you do this, make sure to label each side of the fixture.

Once you have removed all of the screws from both sides of the light fixture, slowly unhook it from your ceiling. You will need a ladder or a step stool to reach this part of your ceiling.

Determine Your Ceiling Box Sizing

You will need to determine if your ceiling fan box is big enough to accommodate your current light fixture. Most new homes and apartments with modern construction come with this ceiling box which is very easy to install a fan into. 

installing a ceiling fan in an apartment

If you are using an existing light fixture with a small ceiling box there’s no need to remove everything since you won’t be able to get it to fit inside the bigger box. All you need to do is unscrew the small ceiling fixture and remove it from your existing wiring inside of this box.

You can trace out where your current light fixture was installed onto the ceiling box. This makes for an easy installation because all you’re doing is replacing your old light fixture with a new one.

At this point, you should have an empty space in the ceiling box that is big enough to accommodate a larger sized fan which means you can fit a new fixture for the fan.

 If it looks like your current wiring isn’t long enough, purchase some wire connectors for your existing wiring before you install the new fan fixture.

Determine your ceiling fan Size

The easiest way to determine the size of your ceiling fan is by realizing the physical dimensions of your room. You can use a ruler or measuring tape from one side of the room to another. This will give you an idea of how big you want your ceiling fan to be for this space. Ceiling fans come in all different sizes. The standard size is 52 inches, but many other sizes are also available to you.

Assemble of the ceiling Fan

There are different brands who each have their own assembling mechanisms. When installing a ceiling fan, always make sure to assemble on the ground and attach blades first. If you are doing this for flush mount fans then also attach the motor before mounting up!

Attach ceiling fan to the box

Place the hanger pipe into one of the holes on top of your motor. Pull wires in the center, then tighten with a set screw to hold it securely in place! Attach the bracket and attach this component near where you want them all installed – just remember that some bolts or lock washers are included if necessary for mounting purposes.

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Wire your fan 

The last step is to connect your ceiling fan wires together as we said above,

  • Black fan wire to house black wire
  • White fan wire to house white wire
  • Green fan wire to house green wire
  • Blue fan wire(if light available) to house blue wire

Don’t forget to always test your connection before finishing the job.

Enjoy Your New Ceiling Fan 

Now you’re ready to enjoy a cool new ceiling fan in your apartment!



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