How to install a ceiling fan from scratch easy way

How to install a ceiling fan from scratch? Is it easy? The answer is yes! Installing a ceiling fan is a task that most homeowners can complete in less than an hour.  If you are feeling the need for some air circulation but don’t want to spend your money on another air conditioner, installing a ceiling fan may be just what you need!

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How to install a ceiling fan from scratch?

Ceiling fans typically have four or five blades and require minimal effort for installation. That being said, there are still many things to consider before purchasing one of these home appliances for your own residence. Ceiling fans are available in many different sizes and styles. The best way to determine which one will work for you is by measuring the room where it will be placed. Some may need more than one light fixture, while others can fit on your existing fan box without issue. Installing a ceiling fan isn’t nearly as difficult or time-consuming as you may think. Most ceiling fans can be installed in less than an hour, even by a novice DIY-er! To get the most out of your investment and ensure that it performs well for years to come, follow these simple steps when installing a ceiling fan from scratch.

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Turn off the power from the circuit breaker box

It is very important to turn off the electricity in a specific room where you install your ceiling fan; otherwise, it will shock or possibly kill someone. If not done correctly, cutting all circuits could cause an electrical fire that would destroy your home.

Before getting any further with installing new home electronics like fans, the first step should always be shutting down power at its source- this means turning off primary (main house breaker)and secondary sources such as individual circuit breakers for smaller appliances/lights etc.

Adjustable hanger bar and ceiling box installation

The adjustable hanger bar is the next step in installing any ceiling fan because it will allow you to adjust your final blade height. The box that holds the wiring and mounts on the joists should be securely fastened with screws before proceeding.

how to install a ceiling fan from scratch


Here are the steps to install an electrical box that is mounted to a joist:

  • First, drill out the hole for your box in between two rafters. Make it big enough so you can pull cables through without much difficulty.
  • Second, use an electrical fish tape, run the cable from below up into this newly drilled hole, and secure them inside the box. This will provide the necessary wiring that will be used to connect your newly installed ceiling fan to electricity.
  • Third, attach the box securely into place with screws and then mount it onto the joist- this may require an additional set of hands when completing the installation process.   

Check the Ceiling Fan Location

how to install a ceiling fan from scratch

Ceiling fans can weigh up to 50 pounds. If a ceiling fan is not properly attached to the roof, it can become an unsafe risk. Ensure that your chosen location has the proper support joists before installing any ceiling-mounted fan, as this will help assure weight stability!

Connect electrical wires in junction box 

Attach the three wires to your ceiling fan, including: black wire (hot), white wire (neutral) and green or bare copper ground wire. You may need a helping hand if you are new at this, but it will come together quickly with some patience!

Once all previous steps have been completed, simply follow your ceiling fan instructions for the next steps to install a ceiling fan from scratch.

Assemble and install the Ceiling Fan

This part of the installation process can vary by brand and model. Check manufacturer instructions for specific details. Attach the blades to the ceiling fan motor housing. The last step of installing a new ceiling fan is attaching your chosen blade design, typically by using screws or hooks pre-installed on each blade before placing them in position on the rotating armature inside.

Turn the power on

Check all wiring connections one more time before flipping back on the main breaker, or check individual circuit breakers if using smaller appliances. Your brand new ceiling fan is now ready to be switched on and enjoyed!

Remember that this is only one method of how to install a ceiling fan from scratch. Many other ways might work better for certain installations. Be sure to contact us, and we will be happy to help with any questions you might have!

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